An introduction to the life of tiger woods one of the greates golfer of all time

Standing over the eight-foot par putt that would have provided an improbable capper to his Hall of Fame career, his year-old nerves finally betrayed him.

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Geez, though, if we could get any two players from different eras head-to-head, we know who to pick. Herb Elliott A meteor. Still, Tiger is truly a once-in-a-generation talent who transcends the game and brings in casual viewers like no one before him.

Jones waltzed to the U. And coming five years and four back surgeries after his 79th, it was certainly the most unlikely.

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How many medals they won, and how big the sport is globally. His legendary run in also culminated in one of his five career major championships, winning the PGA Championship, and his second consecutive AP Male Athlete of the Year Award.

Gary Ablett Snr Ablett was one of those athletes who seemed to inhabit an entirely different dimension. Roger Bannister For one race and one achievement on May 6,the mild-mannered Bannister went down in history.

His six British Open victories still stand as a record today. Open in an hole playoff, then ripped off another 12 majors before calling it a career. Mick Doohan Dominating the cc Grand Prix grids throughout the s, Doohan would eventually be beaten by only one thing — injury.

Hogan is also the only player to win the Masters, U. Watson was also aided in his ascendance to the top of the golfing world by a familiar name: Opens and two British Opens — the Big Easy is a legitimate challenger for the title of second-best player of the Tiger Woods era. In just a seven year period, between andJones would compete in 31 major tournaments, claiming 13 major championship titles seven professional and six amateur and cracking the Top 10 an astounding 27 times.

The greatest cricketer of them all and arguably the greatest Australian, too. Like Trevino, he won four memorable duels with Jack Nicklaus in major championships, including the British Open, the greatest head-to-head duel in golf history.

His first goal against England at the World Cup is still rated the greatest ever and is the perfect example of his skills: Ty Cobb If statistics ruled the world and in baseball, they nearly doCobb would be sitting on a throne.

He never played in a World Cup, though. His run to the Slam almost ended before it began, as Jones sweated out three one-up matches in the British Amateur.

His later years were unkind. Four times, Trevino denied Nicklaus at a major championship, adding to his legend as one of the few players who could stare down the Golden Bear. And the reason this happened. Surprisingly, the Don has knockers, which is proof that people will argue about anything.

Watch video · All eyes are on Tiger Woods as he's set to compete in his first Masters tournament since -- a comeback many thought would never happen.

The youngest player ever to win the coveted green jacket and one of the greatest athletes of his era, his career also took an ugly fall.

No less an authority than Tiger Woods considers Jack the greatest of all time, with that based on his major wins, reminding one of how Nicklaus felt about Jones. For Nicklaus it is all about consistent greatness over a long period of time.

Watch video · Pro golfer Tiger Woods was born in Cypress, California, in He won the U.S. Masters at Augusta in with a record score at age 21, making him the youngest man and the first African American to earn the title. InTiger Woods was the most famous athlete on the planet, a transcendent star of almost unfathomable fame and fortune living what appeared to be the perfect life - married to a Swedish beauty and the father of two young children.

This book gained a reputation as being one-sided tale of Haney's time coaching Tiger. The inside scoop. Tiger Woods If Woods retired tomorrow, with fewer Majors and fewer overall wins than Jack Nicklaus, he’d still be the greatest golfer that ever lived.

Warne is hands down the greatest bowler of all time, and a true global giant. Seemingly everywhere on the field, he was goal-scorer, playmaker and leader all in one.

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During a very long. Tiger Woods Will Become The Greatest Golfer Ever - Tiger Woods Will Become The Greatest Golfer Ever The question on the mind of the golfing fraternity around the world is: Is Tiger Woods the greatest golf player of all-time. Goal setting is one of the most needed abilities in life.

It is what keeps a person motivated to reach a certain.

An introduction to the life of tiger woods one of the greates golfer of all time
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