Paths of glory vs all quiet

Oh, well I must be mistaken then, sir. The subsequent court-martial of three soldiers is designed to punish the unsuccessful unit. In his summation, Major Saint-Auban conflates the nation and the state: All Quiet vs. When he and his mother greet each other, he realizes immediately that he has nothing to say to her: A rare occurrence in a war movie.

The Problem Of Language In All Quiet On The Western Front

One of the men has a tear streaking down his face. As in the film, the artillerymen refused to fire on their own comrades. It's out of the question, George. General Mireau, who is watching the scene unfold through binoculars from the safety of his command post well behind the lines, is livid.

Standing outside, he sees that a frightened German girl is being forced to sing a song. It was their duty to obey that order. It is to us that the sad, distressing, repellent duty falls, gentlemen. It is a character-centric film that lacks in character development a bit.

There are times when I am ashamed to be a member of the human race and this is one such occasion … I protest against being prevented from introducing evidence that I consider vital to the defense.

Unfortunately, the reality was far less satisfying. The French authorities repeatedly refused to investigate the case. He wants to shoot of them, but Broulard talks him down to three. Maupas, who had an exemplary record as a soldier, corresponds vaguely to the character of Pierre Arnaud Joseph Turkel in the film.

Second, threatening your superior officer. Paths of Glory is an inspired film and a scathing indictment not just of war itself, but also of the nature of politicians and the military elites who send innocent young men into harm's way to advance their own agendas and careers.

Are we safe from them. Further, he is repulsed by the banal and meaningless language that is used by members of that society. Verdict A crisp, efficient and unflinching portrayal of trench warfare and military injustice in the first world war. Successful attacks were measured in the hundreds of yards, and paid for in lives by hundreds of thousands.

They are scum, Colonel, the whole rotten regiment. Ronald Grant Archive The film begins on the French front in His head smacks into the wall, rendering him unconscious. In real life, things weren't so neat. Would the First Amendment prevail, or would the film be banned. I have a strong curiosity about it.

Paths of Glory

The trial is a sham. Jan 05,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The film Paths of Glory and the novel All Quiet on the Western Front have parallels even though the novel and film are told from different points of view and opposing sides of World War I. Both the film and novel explain life in trenches as being dangerous to both the French and German army. ANTI-STATE•ANTI-WAR•PRO-MARKET. The Great Anti-War Films Paths of Glory. By Rick Gee. October 9, As the bombs falls in Afghanistan, I repeat the challenge that I issued in my review of All Quiet on the Western Front: if you support Washington's Total War on terrorism.

All Quiet on the Western Front is great in some ways, but it really hasn't aged very well. Paths of Glory is on another level. May 17,  · Paths of Glory. During World War I. commanding officer General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou) orders his subordinate.

General Mireau (George Macready). to. All Quiet on the Western Front is great in some ways, but it really hasn't aged very well. Paths of Glory is on another level.

Paths of glory vs all quiet
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Paths of Glory by Humphrey Cobb