Seinfeld best sitcom of all time

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The Cosby Show Years: For children of the 80s and 90s, this show holds a special place in our heart. The best thing to come out of the Enron scandalArrested Development is the most finely written comedic show of our time. However, Jerry Seinfeld defused the protestors by not letting this episode continue in syndication, as revealed in "Inside Look" on DVD.

This seminal comedy gives up nothing too easily—its default setting is disappointment and ennui, always striving to undercut its principles—and that fact makes each move toward something brighter feel truly beautiful and truly earned. Seinfeld Seinfeld is arguably the most culturally significant sitcom of all time.

It was the first episode since the finale of season seven, " The Invitations ", to feature opening and closing stand-up comedy acts by Jerry Seinfeld.

The 50 Greatest Sitcoms of All Time (#10 – 1)

It settled into a regular time slot on Wednesdays at 9: No matter who the landlord s or third roommate happened to be, this show always delivered a hilarious, misunderstanding-based 30 minute adventure. Eight years, over two-hundred episodes, only.

The 10 best TV sitcoms of all time

Along the way, Capt. The finale poked fun at the many rumors that were circulating, seeming to move into multiple supposed plots before settling on its true storyline—a lengthy trial where the gang is prosecuted for violating a " Good Samaritan law " and sentenced to prison terms.

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Occasionally, story arcs span multiple episodes and even entire seasons, the most memorable being season fourwhich revolved around the pilot pitch to NBC by Jerry and George. At one point NBC considered airing these episodes on Saturdays at The Life and Times of George Costanza.

Each week, Archie would find his limited worldview challenged by the likes of his counter-culture-friendly son-in-law, thus opening the doors to discussions that were as illuminating as they were humorous.

Rick Ludwinhead of late night and special events for NBC, however, diverted money from his budget by canceling a Bob Hope television specialand the next 4 episodes were filmed. Another example is Jerry's girlfriend Vanessa, who appears in " The Stake Out " and he ends the relationship when things do not work out in " The Stock Tip ".

It skewered the class relationships that are at the heart of British life, with a cast of characters that appear timeless. For example, in " The Bizarro Jerry ", Elaine is torn between exact opposites of her friends and Jerry dates a woman who has the now-famed "man hands".

This episode marks the first time Jerry rejects a romantic interest for a questionable reason. The first is that of the network TV non-syndicated versions in the original aspect ratio of 4: It is an adaptation of the BBC series of the same name.

The Golden Girls Years: To begin with, the boundary between reality and fiction is frequently blurred:. Seinfeld followed a completely different story from the sitcoms of its time.

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Majority of the characters perform odd jobs and have even weirder life styles. Moreover each and every Seinfeld episode borrows from everyday life and makes an immediate connect with the average person on various levels. best Seinfeld episodes of all time NBC’s “Seinfeld” aired its final episode 20 years ago, but the show hasn’t lost an ounce of its comedic luster in the time since.

It's a fun show and certainly up there among the best sitcoms of all time, but The thing that Seinfeld has that puts it well out of reach of other sitcoms (the ones I've seen, at least) is the obscure humor that somehow everyone can relate to.

Midway through that season, Seinfeld was moved from its original p.m. time slot on Wednesdays to p.m. on Thursdays, following Cheers again, which gave the show even more popularity. Ratings also sparked the move, as Tim Allen's sitcom Home Improvement on ABC had aired at the same time and Improvement kept beating Seinfeld in the ratings.

Seinfeld is my second favorite show ever, but Friends takes the cake as the greatest sitcom of all time, no other show had such a impact with the audience as Friends, please don´t hate on me Seinfeld fans, which i´m actually one myself, but Friends was just the best overall.

Seinfeld has been voted the greatest sitcom of all time — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or is there?.

The 100 Best TV Sitcoms of All Time

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Seinfeld best sitcom of all time
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